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kacang mete wonogiri
kacang mete wonogiri
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Name:Mr. kacangmetewonogiri [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:081904756629
Phone Number:081904756629
Wonogiri 57692, Jawa Tengah
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Registration Date:Jun. 18, 2012
Last Updated:Mar. 26, 2015
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Agriculture category

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Official Cashew Nuts Jatiroto Wonogiri Central Java Javanese raw cashew taste of delicious snacks from us. Taste of different sensations of cashew nuts

We Sale of the original cashew nuts from Wonogiri with competitive prices and ready to eat. This cashew nuts directly from the center of cashew farmers from Jatiroto Wonogiri Central Java. Prepared and ordered per kilogram wholesale. . For information and details: 081904756629 or check out our fb http: / / www.facebook.com/ kacangmete.wonogiri or on our website: http: / / www.kacangmetewonogiri.co.cc

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